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Faces of Peace: Well-known people are taking a stand in the name of peace and security!

The potential for conflict within Europe and worldwide is increasing – in number and intensity. Following the withdrawal from the INF Treaty and a rapidly changing global security architecture, we need, more than ever, an informed and mature civil society. As the peace-building equivalent of the Faces of Democracy initiative – and true to the motto “Sign for Peace and Security” – we want to raise an awareness that each and every one of us can make a valuable contribution to promoting a peaceful and secure coexistence.

The privately organized initiative gains media attention through many well-known interviewees such as the Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Dan Smith. Together with our signatories from around the world, these are the faces of peace. Show your face as well, say YES! to peace and security and join our growing community in Germany, Europe, and around the world.

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Would you like to take a stand on the issue of protecting and strengthening peace, security and stability? Then show your face now and say Yes! to peace and security in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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Faces of Peace initiative started

Following the termination of the INF Treaty and a rapidly changing global security architecture, we need an informed and mature civil society!

Sven Lilienström, Faces of Peace initiative




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Vor- und Nachname


Wassili Archipow (†72), Stabschef der 69. U-Boot-Brigade der Nordmeerflotte„Mein Vater wusste, was er tat!”»
Vasili Arkhipov (†72), Chief of Staff of the 69th Submarine Brigade of the Nothern Fleet“My Father Knew What He Was Doing!”»
Prof. Dr. Volker Perthes, Direktor der SWP„Gute Diplomatie kann nicht nur dort aktiv werden, wo der Erfolg gesichert ist!”»
Miroslav Lajčák, OSCE CiO and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs“To ensure a safer future in Europe, we need to do more than just react!”»
Sigmar Gabriel, Vorsitzender der Atlantik-Brücke e. V.„Es gibt viel zu tun für die deutsche Außenpolitik!”»
SIPRI Director Dan Smith“International cooperation is required to solve the world’s severest problems!”»
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- The Interview -
Vasili Arkhipov (†72)
Chief of Staff of the 69th Submarine Brigade of the Northern Fleet
“One evening my mother was preparing dinner, as she waited for my father, when the doorbell rang. A soldier stood there with my father’s leather jacket - a warm leather military jacket that was lined with fur. The soldier said nothing, only suggesting that Vasili Arkhipov would not be coming home today. ‘He’s going to sea!’ was all he added.”
- Das Interview -
Wassili Archipow (†72)
Stabschef der 69. U-Boot-Brigade der Nordmeerflotte
„Meine Mutter war gerade dabei das Abendessen zuzubereiten und wartete auf meinen Vater, als es an der Türe klingelte. Dort stand ein Soldat mit der Lederjacke meines Vaters - einer warmen Leder-Militärjacke, die mit Pelz gefüttert war. Der Soldat sagte nichts und meinte nur, dass Wassili Archipow heute nicht nach Hause kommt. ‚Er geht aufs Meer!‘ war das Einzige, was er noch hinzufügte.“