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Faces of Peace: Well-known people are taking a stand in the name of peace and security!

The potential for conflict within Europe and worldwide is increasing – in number and intensity. Following the withdrawal from the INF Treaty and a rapidly changing global security architecture, we need, more than ever, an informed and mature civil society. As the peace-building equivalent of the Faces of Democracy initiative – and true to the motto “Sign for Peace and Security” – we want to raise an awareness that each and every one of us can make a valuable contribution to promoting a peaceful and secure coexistence.

The privately organized initiative gains media attention through many well-known interviewees such as the Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Dan Smith. Together with our signatories from around the world, these are the faces of peace. Show your face as well, say YES! to peace and security and join our growing community in Germany, Europe, and around the world.

Yes! to peace

Would you like to take a stand on the issue of protecting and strengthening peace, security and stability? Then show your face now and say Yes! to peace and security in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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„Sign for Peace and Security!“

Faces of Peace initiative started

Following the termination of the INF Treaty and a rapidly changing global security architecture, we need an informed and mature civil society!

Sven Lilienström, Faces of Peace initiative




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    Vor- und Nachname


    Die Frauen der „Letzten Generation“„Man kann uns nicht mehr ignorieren, deswegen werden wir bekämpft!”»
    Steve Killelea, Creator of the Global Peace Index (GPI)“Humanity is on a tipping point!”»
    Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Chair of Chatham House Council“Diplomacy in the modern age can never afford to stand still!”»
    Farzana Kochai, Mitglied des afghanischen Parlaments„Die Welt ist verantwortlich dafür, was in Afghanistan passiert!“»
    Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate“We need to focus on human security for sustainable peace!”»
    Die missbrauchten Frauen des Krieges (Teil 2) – Interview mit Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bock„Die Prozesse sind komplex und zeitaufwendig!“»
    The Abused Women of War (Part 1) – Interview with Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman“For me that was my ‘day of apocalypse’ – the day that felt like the last of my life!”»
    Die missbrauchten Frauen des Krieges (Teil 1) – Interview mit Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman„Für mich war es der ‚Tag der Apokalypse‘ – der Tag, der sich wie der letzte meines Lebens anfühlte!“»
    Detlef Dzembritzki, Bundesvorsitzender DGVN„Können nur hoffen, dass Donald Trump nicht erneut zum US-Präsidenten gewählt wird!”»
    Im Visier – Die Bedrohung aus dem Cyberraum„Jeder kann einen Cyber-Angriff für weniger als 18 Euro beauftragen!”»